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How to promote optimism in your child

Posted on Dec 28, 2015 by in English, Sin categoría

Hi there! Let’s finish 2015 in a positive way and let’s start 2016 with an optimistic attitude : )

The activities that I suggest are specially designed to be used with kids but they are a good opportunity for adults to take time to think about all of those special moments that we have lived this year. It is an easy and fun way to finish the year and start the new one.


First activity: What makes me smileInfancia y Educación. Optimismo

Download activity

Second activity: My Jar of Smiles.

Infancia y Educación

Download activity

Third activity: The photos of my life.

These three activities can be adapted to the specific needs of each age and maturity level of the children.

And remember that actions speak more of us than our words. Stay positive ; )

Spanish. Inspirando optimismo en los niños

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